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Classroom Carryout

Classroom Carryout is our personalized classroom collection service. Complete the form below and CRRL researchers will gather curriculum support materials tailored to meet your students’ needs. Pick them up at your preferred branch for use in your classroom. You and your students can enjoy the materials for at least two weeks and, as long as no one else is waiting, renew them for longer! Required fields are marked by an asterisk (*).

Note: Please verify your e-mail address before you submit your request, i.e. username@inet.com
Note: If we do not have your correct email address, we will contact you by phone
Note: Select all that apply - use ctrl on your PC to select more than one grade, or shift to select a block of grades
Please use this box to explain what you need, including the reading level of your students, especially if it differs from their grade level. If you need specific titles, please list them here. We usually provide 5-10 books per request. If you require more or fewer, please include that information here.
Note: Choose "Preschool" if you are a preschool teacher or "Other" if your school does not appear on the list.
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