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Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich: And Other Stories You're Sure to Like

Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich: And Other Stories You're Sure to Like, Because They're All About Monsters, and Some of Them Are Also About Food

You think you have problems? Think again. Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman . . . they all have problems. Monster-sized problems.

Frankie just wants to borrow ingredients to make a sandwich, but his neighbors keep chasing him away with fire and pitchforks. Wolfman's best friend (Dynamite the dog) just wants a cleaner roommate. The Invisible Man just wants a haircut! And the Phantom of the Opera can't get "It's a Small World, After All" out of his head.

Adam Rex, the author of multiple humorous picture and chapter books, brings a different kind of poetry book to the world of rhyming with Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich. With unique and spooky drawings, Rex adds a funny dimension to each monster's character.

Count Dracula, who always seems ready to be scary, walks around with food stuck in his teeth. "I would offer him a toothpick," the narrator explains, "but he gets this nervous tic if you ever come to close with any kind of pointed stick." A little mummy won't go into his eternal slumber without a story and cookies. The Yeti doesn't appreciate being called Bigfoot: "What's wrong with your eyes? My feet aren't remotely as big as that guy's!" And, the Phantom now has "Pop Goes the Weasel" stuck in his head, and he is freaking out. 

Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich is a perfect, silly read-aloud for this time of year. Prepare to howl and cackle with laughter! Read Adam Rex's other spooky and silly poetry book, too, Frankenstein Takes the Cake.

This staff selection incorporates the Grow a Reader themes of Narrative SkillsPrint Awareness, and Playing.