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Pick a Pine Tree by Patricia Toht

Pick a Pine Tree by Patricia Toht

Smell that fresh, piney scent! Will you take your tree home from the Christmas tree farm on top of a car or on a sled? Depends on how close you are! Don't forget to trim the trunk so it can fit in your living room or, wherever you would like to place it. Give it some water, and let it stand tall!

Now, find your trimmings, but don't decorate alone! Call family and friends to help you decorate your Christmas tree. Wrap twinkling lights of "colored mix or simply white" or "fat, round bulbs or pointy tips, bubble lights, or candle clips"—there are so many to choose from!

How about those ornaments? What kind will they be? Santa Claus, dancing elves, wooden reindeer, and jingle bells! Maybe some snowflakes or candy canes? Hang them all by a thread or wire hooks; each one will have its place. Don't forget to add the tinsel, garland, and the final touch. Grab a footstool or a ladder. You'll need it when you place something amazing on top of your Christmas tree . . . maybe you'll use a star, or an angel, or maybe even a bow!

Last but not least, what goes under the tree? Maybe a tree skirt, a snowy village, or even a choo-choo train? Or, maybe just a gaggle of gifts from Santa to you! When you're done, stand back . . . wait for the lights, and ta-da! A beautiful Christmas tree is born.

Christmas trees have been part of an American holiday tradition since the early 19th century. After Germany made the tradition popular, decorated Christmas trees began popping up in households across America. Today, we celebrate with either real or artificial trees. In Patricia Toht's Pick a Pine Tree, this Christmas tradition is celebrated through a sing-song of words and a flurry of gorgeous illustrations by Jarvis. Is it time for you to pick your pine tree? 

Pick a Pine Tree supports our Grow a Reader principles of narrative skillsvocabulary, and reading.