CRRL branches will open 2 hours late, at 11:00 a.m., today, Thursday, March 22, except for Montross and Cooper, which will open as normal at 1:00 p.m.

Training On Demand: Workshops and Tutorials

You Name It! We'll give you personal attention in a 30-minute, hands-on session tailored for you. Tell us what you need—a personal computer trainer or guidance on researching a topic.

Call or drop by the Research Desk at your branch to schedule any of the topics below, or design your own! 

After your class, please give us feedback.

Computer Training | Kids & TeensGenealogy Workshops Legal Research

Computer Training

Computer TrainingComputers for Beginners

Learn computer basics including keyboard and mouse use, opening and closing programs, managing windows, beginning internet use, and more.

eBook/eAudio Downloading
Read or listen to a book on your computer or mobile device. Bring your own mobile device and we'll show you how to download.

Email and Internet
Still mystified by the Internet? Our introduction to email and the Internet can teach you how to use a web browser to comfortably navigate the electronic world for your information needs.

Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs
Social networking: What is it and why do I want it?

Finance and Investing – Online Tips and Tools
Cash in on the rich resources available online for personal finance and investing. Morningstar and Value Line will be featured, as well as other sites.

Google Tips: Search like a Wizard
Search the Web like an expert with our favorite Google search tips and tricks. Quick, fun, and easy, easy, easy!

Grant Seeking Online Basics
Schedule a one on one session with a librarian at the Fredericksburg Branch and learn the fundamentals of Foundation Directory Online and other basic grant seeking information.

Internet Security
Hackers. Viruses. Malware. Learn how to secure your computer against these and other online threats.

Job Searching and Resumes Online
Find websites for jobs local or far flung. Learn to use an online resume template and send resumes by e-mail. Work with a research librarian in our Job Help Center on such tasks as basic keyboarding and computer use, application writing, effective interviewing, and résumé & cover-letter preparation. 

Medical Resources Online
Consumer websites for specific diseases and conditions, prescription drugs, surgery videos, nutrition, alternative medicine, best doctors and hospitals, support groups.

PC Maintenance
Keep the repairman at bay. Discover valuable everyday techniques for keeping your PC running as smoothly as possible.

Smartphones and Tablet Computers
Learn how to use your new Android or Apple mobile device and get the most out of it.

Training On Demand for Kids and TeensKids & Teens

Contact Youth Services at:
Fredericksburg, 540-372-1144

Research and Projects and Papers? Oh my.

We'll take you beyond Google for greater success.


Genealogy Workshops

Genealogy WorkshopsContact the Research Desk at:
Fredericksburg, 540-372-1144

Using Ancestry Library Edition
The best things in online genealogical research aren’t free – except at the library! This workshop takes a look at using the best database the library has to offer: Ancestry Library Edition

What’s New in Online Genealogy
Come take a look at some of the exciting new family history resources freely available on the ‘net! Instructor mediated practice time on the computer included.

It’s Your History!
Think you might be “FFV”? Can’t find a long-lost Revolutionary War ancestor? Need Great-grandpa’s obituary? You’re invited to schedule a sixty-minute one-on-one session with a staff member, tour the CRRL “Virginiana Collection,” and learn how to use its many fine historical and genealogical resources.

Finding and Using Fredericksburg’s Old Newspapers
A treat for historians, genealogists and the just plain curious.

Legal Research

Legal ResearchContact the Law Library at:
Fredericksburg, 540-372-1144

Basic Legal Research
Tour the library and learn the how to begin the legal research process.

Introduction to Westlaw
Learn the basics of searching Westlaw, an online legal database.

Legal Research on the Internet
Our librarians will show you the legal research resources you can use on your home computer or at the library.